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Spray-on Paving/Concrete Resurfacing.

This process is achieved by using a cementicious based product which when combined with a colour oxide and a PVA based modifier produces a coloured slurry of cement material which now can be chemically bonded to existing concrete, (providing the correct preparation of the surface has been attained).

The coloured slurry can be applied by means of a trowel, squeegee or spray hopper gun to provide a texture which is applicable to the job at hand. When dry and correctly cured the new surface is rated in excess of 50 mPA. (This could be 2 to 3 times harder than the original surface.)

Thickness of the product can vary generally between 1mm and 3mm overall and is best suited to external areas such as driveways, roads, patios, swimming pool surrounds or pathways.

Decorative resurfacing allows the use of multi-colours, various stencil selections and customised logos or designs which when professionally presented totally changes the aesthetic appearance of the original surface.

When complete the new surface is sealed with a high grade industrial strength sealer to protect the surface from oil spills and other contaminants as well as provide lustre to protect from UV radiation.


Coloured sealing is a specialised XYLENE based non-peel off product which is made permanent by penetrating the pores of the concrete and is most suited to indoor areas such as garage floors and the like.


The colours available are the same as for the spray-on paving range and an optimum coverage is required using two coats.

Preparation is also critical to achieve a good result and therefore high pressure cleaning, acid etching, scraping and/or filling is mandatory prior to application.

A smooth glossy finish is achieved and eliminates sand, grit and concrete dust migration. It can be easily cleaned by a hand held blower or by wet or dry mopping or brooming and protects the surface from oil spills.

It also prevents the regrowth of mould, fungi and moss which causes untreated concrete to turn black due to aging and neglect.





Concrete Services


All decorative concrete whatever its origin requires periodic maintenance, generally about every 2-3 years.

This is because the original sealer breaks down and crystallises under Australia’s extreme climactic weather conditions and allows the dirt and fungi to grow back within the pores of the concrete.

It can be detected when the surface looks dull and faded and is also susceptible to absorption from oil and other spills onto the surface.

High pressure scrubbing and cleaning is mandatory to remove all forms of contamination and residue from the surface prior to resealing.

“Colourseal Concrete Services” use only the highest quality industrial grade sealer by means of a high pressure, (100 PSI), spray unit.

This ensures an even and consistent coat of sealer which cannot be achieved with a broom or a roller.

When completed the surface will look as good as new, bringing back the colour, lustre and surface protection from the UV sun rays and also giving surface protection from oil spills and other contaminants for a further period of the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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