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Using only the best materials developed by Nutech® Paints to protect and enhance your home’s appearance, Colourseal can also revitalise and repair your roof.
Unlike many other roof paints, the roof coatings we use are manufactured from tough Acrylic resins and fade resistant pigments which are durable, flexible and resistant to UV sunlight to provide complete waterproof protection for your roof.

All coatings are environmentally friendly so your roof can continue to collect drinking water.
Check out our wide range of roofing colours from our colour charts. If you have a special colour in mind, contact us and we’ll try to match the colour that suits your needs.

  For those wishing to manage their own roofing issues, here are some simple tips and procedures that will help make your restoration process safer, easier, and more successful.  

First, check that your insurance policies are up to date.

Take precautions when working on a roof. Wet tiles can be slippery, but are nothing compared to freshly coated tiles which are extremely dangerous. Many applicators have fallen after accidentally stepping backwards onto an area they or their helper just sprayed with coating.
Be alert for the unexpected. A tile breaking, backing into or tripping over an obstacle or spray hose, or simply losing concentration can have serious consequences.
Be careful when using a high pressure water cleaning lance because of the recoil. An inexperienced operator can easily lose balance. The water from the spray tip is dangerous because it can easily cut through skin. If this happens, there is a possibility that air bubbles can enter the bloodstream with serious health consequences.
Liquid coating may be left in a spray unit or hose for several days provided the pressure is relieved. Coating left in machines and hoses for longer periods may lead to extensive repairs and replacement.
A worn tip in a spray gun will result in an uneven distribution and may result in the use of additional coating.
It is useful to clean and spray 4 - 6 spare tiles in case tiles are damaged in the future. Store these tiles in an exposed position so they can become aged and dirty like the roof tiles. This will ensure that replaced tiles match perfectly.
On windy days, coating can drift with the wind over long distances. The neighbours house, car, or washing can be inadvertently coated. Asking the owner or neighbour to move a car, or using drop sheets are simple precautions if in doubt. Holding the spray tip closer to the surface will reduce over-spray and drift in windy conditions. Extensions for the spray lance are also available.
Nutech Paint technical advisors are always able to provide expert advice and information. All coatings and systems are not the same, and a simple enquiry may save you time and unnecessary expense, ensuring a first class restoration.
You usually receive what you pay for. This applies equally to roof coatings. There are many cheap roofing products on the market. Most of these products are low in resin solids and represent poor quality and value. Comparing resin solids, pigmentation, and company history is a good way to determine the quality of a particular coating. There is also a very big difference between just painting your roof, and having the roof fully restored.




The above adapted Tips & Information is by courtesy of Nu-Tech ® Paint Supplies




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