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Decorative concrete solutions are ideal when renovating or building your dream home. ParChem's comprehensive range of decorative concrete products includes stamped impression concrete, stencil concrete, concrete colours and resurfacing products and internal flooring solutions which will complement any style or design allowing you to create the look you want.  With industry leading brands such as DT, Cobblestone, Colour Thru and Mastershield, there is a range of colours and products available to suit any internal or external decorative concrete solution.




Re-surfacing is designed to create a unique decorative finish on existing concrete surfaces. Our spray on resurface coatings bond rigidly to existing suitable concrete surfaces and help create a slip resistant, textured or decorative surface for both dry and wet areas

NewLook Colour Stains will enhance the image of your existing concrete with their water-based formular. NewLook Concrete Colour Stains penetrate the surface of porous concrete without changing its texture, unlike paint or some sealers.

Coloured Sealers help maintain and protect plain, coloured and decorative concrete against staining and the harsh Australian climate. Coloured sealers are available in a large array of colours and are able to be colour matched to suit your personal style.






Consider your home’s natural environment, whether it be bush, urban, or beach.

Colour schemes should generally blend in with the natural surrounds such as: green/greys - bushland; sands/whites beach/seaside.




Consider also your existing substrates. Look at the colours of your bricks, roofing, guttering, windows, fencing, garage doors, pools, tiling.




Think about the features of your home which you would like highlighted. You may need to review Council restrictions, such as heritage listed areas which limit the choice of designs and water restrictions in some areas.




Consider the position or direction in which the home faces. North facing will have strong sunlight througout the day; south facing will be dimly lit.




Remember that colours under direct sunlight will always appear lighter.




Don’t be afraid to choose darker tones on your exterior. Similarly colours which are high in chroma will appear brighter. Exterior schemes are usually greyed down.




Remember, too, that when choosing colours for your garage doors, framing, roof tiles or fencing, it is important to match your driveway colour to that scheme, as best as possible.




Tips & Information adapted from and courtesy of ParChem Construction Supplies®




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